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  • Fast Onsite Service for PC & Mac
  • Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Spyware & Virus Removal
  • Data Recovery & Backup Systems
  • Networks & Wireless

Nyack Computer Services

Technology can be a bear. Who wants to wrestle with a bear? Let Nyack Computer tame technology. It’s what we do.

Corporate Grade I.T. Services for Small to Medium Businesses
Whether you’re 4 offices, a non-profit, or an individual. Nyack Computer can provide immediate response and onsite service for any computer need. Our only commitment is to your complete satisfaction. Call Today. So, whether you’re ‘going wireless’, or need a database. We’ll work with you to find a solution to your technical and computer needs.

Let Nyack Computer be your I.T. department.

Data is Gold

Documents and Photos
Address Book and Emails

To us, your data is the most valuable part of your computer system. We take extraordinary measures to backup and secure your data above all.

Data Recovery

System Crash? Deleted File? Replacing an Old Computer?

Many times data loss is only apparent data loss. Often, we can get your files back even if your computer doesn’t run. To maximize success, call Nyack Computer immediately.

Backup Often

What would happen if you lost all your information? Never lost anything? Doesn’t mean it can’t happen tomorrow. An improper backup isn’t a backup at all. At Nyack Computer, we’ll setup a tailored, thorough, safe, and easy to manage backup system.

We offer Remote and Onsite Backup Solutions

Viruses? Spyware? Popups? Spam?

At Nyack Computer we’ve seen it all over the years. We’ve seen the patterns and read all the articles. We know who has the most effective tools. We know how to deploy those tools, to react to any breaches, and promote the well being of your entire system.

Is your computer running slowly? Are you getting more spam than legitimate mail. You may be infected and need a thorough cleanout. The internet is like the Wild West. Don’t risk your important data files. Let Nyack Computer help to protect your computer from unwelcome software.

Nyack Computer has the tools to remove viruses, malware and spyware the threats and while protecting your data - always our first priorty.

Repair and Upgrades

Computers break for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, a hardware component has failed. Other times, a software cleanout is all that’s necessary. No matter what the problem, trust Nyack Computer to secure your data, fix the issue, and return your machine to top running performance.

Physically damaged hardware such as laptop screens and non-responsive keyboards can be replaced or repaired at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

Computers, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Fax Systems, Telephones, Hand-Held Devices, Multi-Function Printers

Do you even need to upgrade?
Nyack computer will let you know if it makes sense to upgrade and what your options are.

Memory, Hard Disks, Monitors, Operating Systems, Software

Computer and Network Installation and Maintenance

If you’ve just gotten a new computer or, your facility needs an entire system. From wires and wallplates to servers and software. Nyack Computer has your solution.

Networking, Wireless, and Security

Whether it’s wired or wireless, we can install your new network or maintain your existing network. If you’d like to share files, no problem. Ease of use, security, and reliability are our main focus. Call Nyack Computer to discuss your specific needs.
Dedicated Network Servers

Remote Access and VPN’s
Be at the office without being at the office. Nyack Computer gives you options. Simple and Secure and at minimum cost.

Business Systems and Integration

Our knowledge of Industry software from Quickbooks and Practice Management to Real estate Databases can help to Integrate your different systems. Share information and Convert Data. Install Industry Software Upgrades to minimize impact on your day to day business.

Tutoring and Classes

One on One tutoring sessions
Classes for your organization
Power User Instruction and Best Practices

We’re very patient. Tell us what you want to do, Give us your questions and we’ll take you through the steps.